The contamination of animal feed with growing variations of moulds is leading to the rise of cases of mycotoxin poisoning in livestock. This is of grave concern for livestock farmers due to the subsequent impact on animal health and performance. There is a need for many farmers, producers and feed mills to implement better mycotoxin analysis programs at the feed level to curb this issue from the start. However, a greater part of the contamination is already predominant amongst the animals and there is a need for recovery methods to help reverse the issue quickly. As such, the strategy here should be all-inclusive from the very beginning of the feed cycle to carry on preventative measures whilst also being proactive with recovery and future monitoring to stop the progress of the contamination.

The Alltech mycotoxin management program is dedicated to working towards mycotoxin detection and control in animal feed processing. The Alltech MIKO program is a comprehensive analysis and control programme that can be applied to cross species utilisation. This incredible program has been developed after years of results oriented research. Here is a look at some of the concepts of the program and tips for livestock farmers on how to adapt the points of the strategy for checking the growth of mycotoxin threats in animal feed.



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